domingo, 5 de setembro de 2010

Como traduzo "next thing I knew" ?

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Today’s tip is about an expression that we use to talk about something that happened so fast you couldn’t even notice. Let’s say you’re driving fast and you crash your car into a light pole and when you regain your consciousness you see a crowd of people including police officers and firemen. After a few days when your relatives go to visit you at the hospital you tell them:

“I was driving too fast and next thing I knew, there were people all over the place and they all have worried faces.”

So the expression is: next thing I knew. In Portuguese a good translation would be: quando me dei conta.

Other expressions that you can use to say the same thing are:

suddenly - de repente
out of nowhere - do nada
before I realize it - antes que eu percebesse
before I know what's happening - antes que eu soubesse o que estava acontecendo
all of a sudden - de repente

A good thing to do when we learn a new expression is to take notes and review these notes as soon as possible. And not just words alone, but in a sentence, for example.

This is an example that I copied from Twitter: “You caught my eye and the next thing that I knew, I was in love…” (Você chamou minha atenção e quando me dei conta, eu estava apaixonado..) So cute! ;)

For more examples click here: next thing I knew

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