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Como dizer "à medida que" em inglês

Hey guys,

Today while I was watching the morning news on TV I heard "à medida que". So I tried to think of how to say that in English. It's a good exercise to try to translate things when you're learning a new language. Anyway, as easy as it might be, I couldn't come up with any ideas.
But, thanks to the Internet and with a quick look I had the answer.
It's very simple in English, in fact it is just a two-letter word: AS.
That's it. In Portuguese: À MEDIDA QUE turns AS in English.

Here are some examples:

As people get richer they tend to eat more meat and dairy products. (À medida que as pessoas se tornam mais ricas elas tendem a comer mais carne e laticínios.)

As the election gets closer, the number of undecided begins to drop. (À medida que as eleições se aproximam, o número de indecisos começa a cair.)

Now what about writing your own examples in order to practice it?

Bye for now,

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  1. Hello Iramaia,

    I read a post on Ingles no Supermercado and at end Fred talked about your blog, so I decided to come here to get to know it. Apart from that, I'm sure I've read some posts on InglesOnLine that is from your autorship, I've liked your posts, sincerely, it's very good. I'll come back many times.


  2. Hi Evandro, thank you for the kind words and for stopping by.

  3. In Spanish, we say "a medida que". Almost the same!



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