domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2012

I don't follow you!

Hi there,

Se você é fã do Twitter como eu sou, então o trocadilho de hoje está bem especial. E a dica é daquelas rapidinhas. ;-)

"A man goes to the doctor..."I'm addicted to Twitter", he says. Doc says: "I'm sorry, I don't follow you." [Um homem vai ao médico..."Estou viciado no Twitter", ele diz. O médico diz: "Desculpe, eu não te sigo."]

Será que o médico tem uma conta no Twitter e não vê as atualizações desse paciente? :D

Na verdade, o verbo to follow, tem vários outros significados além de seguir,  e o que dá graça ao trocadilho é esse aqui segundo o Macmillan: to understand something especially something long and complicated ou entender algo, especialmente se for longo e difícil, complicado.

I couldn't follow what professor Hope was saying.
I'm sorry I don't quite follow you.

Prestem atenção na preposição logo após addicted. Falamos addicted to ou viciado em.

What are you addicted to? Esse site é super bacana, com milhões de atividades para nós estudantes da língua inglesa. Aproveitem!

What am I addicted to?
Well, I'm like that Twitter, of course!

See you guys,

8 comentários:

  1. Yeah... When I'm talking to people a use it quite often: "Sorry, I'm not following... " specially when they are talking about a movie or a tv series's episode that I haven't watched yet.

  2. Hi Michel, so you knew it. It was easy to understand the joke, huh!

    Thanks for dropping by!:)

  3. What are you addicted to? Well, maybe READYNGS...
    I loved this tip!!!

  4. Thanks, Rafa! So you're addicted to reading. That's nice! Really nice. Congrats!

  5. Hi, Ira, love your post (and the link above)! Got a question: what do you know about TPR (Total Physical Response)? Have you ever use this methodology in your classes? C ya.

    1. Hi Oto,

      Well, I read a lot about TPR when I was teaching at a school. I used it a lot with children. Certain commands that require physical movements such as "Open/close the door, please" "Jump" "Turn left/right", that kind of thing, actions that students can act out. Sometimes I would do it even with adult beginners.

      In my opinion it's a valid option since I've also read that the most physical senses you use to teach the better.

      Thanks a lot for you support, Oto!

  6. Good evening. I'm addicted to work, I am workalohic... Xoxo

    1. Hi Jose,

      I'm a woman so I'm shopaholic..haha Just kidding.

      Thanks for you comment,



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