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Marooned - O que significa essa palavra?

Hi everyone,

No post de hoje vamos aprender uma palavra que por sinal encontrei ao ler um jornal britânico esta tarde e já havia me esquecido do significado. Porém, depois do trocadilho abaixo, tenho certeza que não esqueço mais. Tomara que vocês também não!

"A ship carrying blue paint collided with a ship carrying red paint. The crew are believed to be marooned." [Um navio carregando tinta azul colidiu com um carregando tinta vermelha. Acredita-se que a tripulação esteja castanho-avermelhada."]

Como assim?  Bom, com o banho que eles devem ter tomado das duas cores, a mistura deu nisso. Essa cor em inglês é maroon, que também pode ser um bordô (vermelho-arroxeado). Mas onde está a graça?

É que a palavra marooned também significa isolado/a; abandonado/a (por exemplo em uma ilha, etc.). Se houve uma colisão, também é provável que a tripulação tenha ficado isolada em alguma ilha. :)

Se você também quiser ler a notícia, aqui está: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/07/06/polish-man-marooned-inside-brazilian-airport-for-18-days/

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  1. yeah, it once happened to me! I got a ride in Cortez' private Jet when he was running away to Spain, but guess what happened hours later? When he heard that I found out he was embezzling money out of the public coffers and I was going to give him way to the cops, he threw me out on the half way there, just couple of minutes later, I realized that I was marooned in the middle of nowhere. But I heard yesterday that he was arrested already. :)
    Nice topic! (Fortunately, I was able to post now, thanks!)

  2. Well, I had to come over + find out what this Twitter exchange was about ; )

    Once I was on holiday with my then-girlfriend in Croatia, with no idea that our train would stop at the border for the night and not continue on to Slovenia.

    So we got out + found the only hotel in town + stayed the night.

    Went to the local pub, and felt that this was a town that rarely got overnight Czech + Aussie visitors.

    In the end I felt it was such a calm place we could've stayed there for a few more nights!

    Being marooned is not always like being stranded.

  3. Hey David, nice comment. Thanks. Good to know other meanings to the word marooned.

    Marcelo, I've already told you, but I'll repeat..Loved it! Thanks a lot my friend.And to let me know about the problems in the comment section on my blog.

  4. I guess it's one of those words you can 'stretch' and use figuratively.

    To be fair, 'stranded' would be better for my story above, but in a way we felt we were marooned there..til we saw how cool the hotel was! :)



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