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Revistinha da Mônica para aprender inglês

Hi everyone,

Today I'd like to talk about "Revistinha da Mônica" in English. Monica's gang is really great to learn English vocabulary. The best way to do that is through reading. It'll be much easier to remember words and their meanings when you come across them again. So why not have fun while learning?

That's exactly what's going to happen.You'll find lots of messages of friendship, good values and ethics in a cheerful and spontaneous way.

You can buy Monica's gang at any newsstand next to you or even read it online.

Here's an example of how I've learned the word: chivalry. "Pitheco doesn't know it, but he just invented chivalry." (Pitheco não sabe, mas ele acabou de inventar o cavalheirismo).

The story tell us about Pitheco and his family, a primitive one. He started to think that sitting on the floor to have their food was not that cool, so he decided to invent the table and the chairs. Then he told his wife Tooga to have a seat. That's why she thinks he's a chivalry, a gentleman.

You see, probably I won't forget this word. I hope so. :D

Happy studies!

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    It's very funny hahaha I'm ROTFL

  2. Hey Gil and Danilo, thanks for stopping by. ;)



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